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I did a podcast with James Altucher here:

I remember the first time I heard of James Altucher. I was in sixth grade and I had just become interested in the stock market. I traded a fake portfolio in an online simulation and watched my fictional $100,000 double during the Internet Bubble. I thought I was a genius for picking stocks like Akamai and eBay. Anyone who was around then can predict the result. I finished with $50,000 of fake money and a damaged sense of pride.

I used to browse for trading ideas, and one day I came across an article by a guy who compared Warren Buffett’s trading strategy to buying or selling a house: you don’t take profits just because it goes up 10%. He took a longer term view. I loved the way the author explained it so I Yahooed (was that a word?) everything he wrote. Over the years I occasionally Googled his name and read the articles he published. In college I used to read the Financial Times whenever I could. I couldn’t wait for Thursdays in particular because that was when James Altucher’s column came out.

Reading James has always been a breath of fresh air. He took different perspectives on everyday issues. He explained often that he was opposed to sending his children to college and thought it was a waste of money. Or how home ownership anchors you down so that you can’t switch jobs as easily. I read him every week.

James has lived a life much more interesting than most. He was a entrepreneur in the early days of the internet and sold a company for ten million dollars and subsequently lost it all in two years (an experience he often talks about). He has been a hedge fund manager at Formula Capital. He has published eleven books. One of his latest, Choose Yourself, debuted on the WSJ Best Sellers list. His last four books have all been phenomenal.

He has been a prolific blogger for the past few years, and has continued his alternative way of thinking. In a series of posts, he championed self-publishing and recounted the step-by-step process he used for his books.

I shot him an email with a question I had about self-publishing. I briefly explained my book and he immediately replied and asked if I was free to do a podcast in 10 minutes. “Of course,” I said.

And here it is:

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4 thoughts on “Ask Altucher Podcast”

  1. Heard you on the Altucher podcast. How great that you quit Wallstreet. Not many people will be able to look back when they get old and say, “I remember when I was a wrestler in Peru.”
    Best one way ticket you’ll have ever bought.
    I’m a mum of a 16 year old boy, I hope, like you, he’ll have the courage to take chances that pop up in life – not slowly die behind a desk.
    Best of luck with your book.

  2. Heard your interview on Ask Altucher. Congrats to you, on choosing yourself! I’m in the early, early stages of doing the same. Much success to you.

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