How to Use BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar is a ride-sharing app that allows you to travel between cities in the extra seats of someone’s car. For example, if someone is driving between Madrid and Seville, and they have three free seats in their car, they can list them on BlaBlaCar. You then pay for a seat in the car and ride with them. It’s like AirBnB meets Uber, but for longer distances.

How to use BlaBlaCar:
  1. Enter your departure and destination city
  2. Select the date
  3. Review available rides

    blablacar rides
    Between any big cities, there will be dozens of rides posted every day.
  4. Read the reviews of the driver
  5. Pay with credit card
  6. The driver will text you a meetup location
  7. Meet the driver at the appointed meeting place


TIP: If you’re traveling, it is better if you have a working data plan on your phone. That way you can coordinate with the driver if anything goes wrong. Most people will use WhatsApp to message you so make sure that yo have the app downloaded and your phone number updated on BlaBlaCar.

  • Can be cheaper than a bus/train
  • Faster/more direct than a bus
  • A way to meet local people
  • They can give you recommendations
  • You can practice a foreign language
  • Adventure!
  • Can be tricky to find the meeting place
  • They occasionally will cancel the trip last minute
  • Small talk with the driver, even if you feel tired
  • Meeting place/drop off place might not be central in the city
  • TIP: Double check the locations before booking

Check out my video where I take you on a road trip through Andalusia with my BlaBlaCar driver!

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