The Cage: Moments (Part 2) – Paracas, Huacachina, Puno

During my time living in Peru, my friend Jordan came to visit and we backpacked around the country and saw some unbelievable things. This is only a small part of them, and there are plenty more to come. Each photo is accompanied by a quote from The Cage.

(See Part 1: MMA)

Dead dolphin beach of Paracas, Ica, Peru.
Dead dolphin on the beach of Paracas, Peru.

We saw a dead dolphin with white bones the stood out against the rotting brown flesh.

Dune buggy ride in Huacachina, Peru.
Dune buggy ride in Huacachina, Peru.

Sand dunes stretched as far as I could see in every direction. Before we got a chance to enjoy the scenery, there was a loud roar and my head snapped back over the bench.


Sand boarding in Huacachina, Peru.
Sand boarding in Huacachina, Peru.

We parked at the top and the driver fetched the sandboards out of the back. They were like plywood snowboards.

The floating islands were made of reeds and anchored to the bottom of the Lake Titicaca. The natives still lived in the huts.

Floating Islands in Puno, Peru.
Floating Islands in Puno, Peru.

After arriving at the island, she tied the boat to a wooden post and we stepped cautiously onto the reed-covered ground. She showed us to our room, which was a small reed hut with two beds.

Rowboat Lake Titicaca
Rowing around Lake Titicaca.

Jordan and I tried rowing, but it was hard keeping a rhythm with both oars at the same time.

school lake titicaca puno floating islands
Children’s school on the Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca.

Suddenly the kids began to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but it was quickly apparent that none of them actually knew English. They all sang to a different rhythm.

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