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First of all, I want to apologize for my absence here – I suck at blogging. I am currently writing a book that draws a lot from the stories I have shared here with you all, but I will try to update this more going forward. I am going to do a general recap of everything that has happened since I last wrote here.

Back in September (yes, it’s been that long), I came back to the US to watch Ben Reiter fight in his Bellator debut in Plymouth, Michigan. I was proud to get to corner Ben in such an important fight. Ben won all three rounds with a unanimous decision over a previously undefeated Shamir Garcia.

I was supposed to fight upon my return but I had to back out with an injury. My finger was still swollen and I had trouble moving it. As you may remember, I cut it on some glass before my last MMA fight in August. It has taken a long time to heal.

el loko

I was challenged to a submission grappling match by a local BJJ black belt who has his own gym. He backed out at the last minute for no apparent reason and we had a heated beef over Facebook, which will make a really interesting blog post at some point in the future.


A friend of mine and local BJJ brown belt, Tano Fernandez, stepped up to fill in the spot.


Tano has a really funky half guard and it was nearly impossible to pass. I caught his back at one point and submitted him with a move called the Twister, made famous by jiu jitsu legend Eddie Bravo.

Winning my professional submission grappling debut!


I was honored when was invited to compete for Team Joe Warren at the Grapple at the Garden in wrestling. I was originally supposed to be wrestling against Olympic silver medalist Stephen Abas, but he broke his hand at the last minute. They substituted an Egyptian wrestler named Karim Ibrahim.


Team Joe Warren squared off against Team Renzo Gracie, which coached by MMA and jiu jitsu legend Renzo Gracie. I used to train at his gym when I was living in NYC. I would be competing alongside legends of the MMA world such as Gray Maynard and “King” Mo Lawal, as well as three members of the legendary Gracie family, who are trying their hand in wrestling. The idea of the event is to bring MMA guys back into the fold of wrestling and unite the two disciplines.

Rollie Peterkin 140 Karim Ibrahim
Joe Warren 150 Scotty Jorgensen
Shawn Bunch 150 Damacio Page
Jordan Oliver 155 Frank Molinaro
Gray Maynard 170 Ozzy Dugulubgov
Darryl Christian 185 Gregor Gracie
Brennan Ward 190 Igor Gracie
Mo Lawal HVY Rolles Gracie

I won my match with a pin in the first period.


I had t-shirts made up. I sold out of the first shipment of them, but I will be getting more soon and will keep you guys posted.

rollie tshirt omega tshirt

And now I am at home for Christmas with my family!

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